Innovation and ingenuity have been the driving force of the Soucy group’s development. Soucy group multidisciplinary engineering teams optimize the design and manufacture of products in collaboration with you, while minimizing production costs in order to find the solution that suits you, regardless of the scale and complexity of the project.

With the greatest respect for confidentiality agreements, the experience we’ve acquired from our collaboration with leading manufacturers working in many industries allows our teams to adapt to the specific requirements of your application, and to offer you an optimal generic or exclusive product.

Soucy group engineering teams consist of more than one hundred employees having, among others, the following skills:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Chemical engineer (rubber and UHMW plastic compounds and recipes)
  • Industrial engineer
  • Specialized production engineer
  • Technician (drafter and designer)
  • Mechanic
  • Model maker
  • Prototypist

Here are some of the tools they use:

  • 3D scanner: a tool allowing three-dimensional reconstruction of a vehicle to facilitate the analysis and development of products that are perfectly adapted to it.
  • Inspection software: used for the identification of variations between the CAD model and the scanner file.
  • 3D design software: Solid Edge and Unigraphics.
  • Modeling and finite-element calculation software: the sophisticated Abaqus.
  • A number of test benches, many of which are developed internally to meet specific needs of the clients. 
  • A variety of test tracks adapted to any application (from ATVs to tanks). 
  • A prototyping and modelling workshop allowing the production of a first prototype very quickly.

Driven by the spirit of innovation that characterizes the business, our group of experts can propose the most advantageous alternative solutions. The engineering team can identify needs, consider a different approach, and anticipate formal requests by making available solutions, such as the UHMW-PE plow as well as agricultural and military track systems, which have proven themselves quickly on the market.