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Achieve the best products with our customized rubber blends. Guaranteed performance, durability, and innovation.

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Maximize Product Performance and Durability

The Benefits of Custom Rubber Blends

Custom rubber blends enhance the performance and durability of final products, precisely meeting the unique requirements of each application.

We're therefore able to deliver a unique, innovative solution that adheres to regulatory standards while optimizing your production costs.

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Custom Rubber Blend Properties

  • Optimized performance to meet specific requirements 
  • Adaptability to service conditions
  • Enhanced quality and reliability of the finished product
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Rubber Blend Processes

The preparation processes for rubber blends involve treating the material to create formulations tailored to your specific needs.

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Working with Soucy Techno

A Comprehensive Solution

At Soucy Techno, your concerns are our top priority, and we make sure our team of technical experts works closely with your own team.

We always remain open-minded and attentive. In other words, we focus on understanding your needs to come up with the perfect solution.

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Redefining rubber performance through innovation


Soucyprene, our patented innovative rubber blend, revolutionizes performance in the defence and mining sectors.

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Get the best products

Our custom rubber compounds are a high-performance, durable, and innovative solution.

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