Soucy Belgen Sainte-Claire

Our foundry specializes in manufacturing products in grey iron, ductile iron, SiMo, High Si, and ADI using green sand casting.

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Striving for excellence since 1975

Why work with our foundry?

We focus on quality and innovation and can rely on cutting-edge equipment to meet the highest market standards and remain among the best when it comes to manufacturing cast iron products.

Our Sainte-Claire facility in Quebec has been in operation since 1975 and has maintained the agility and accessibility of a small business, while offering the performance of a large one thanks to a high degree of automation, control, and process optimization.

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Transforming the foundry through technological integration

Embracing technology 4.0

Our foundry strategically integrates technology 4.0 to:

  • Interconnect its equipment and Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Ensure continuous production data collection
  • Ensuring production traceability
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Meeting your high manufacturing standards

Manufacturing processes

Our Sinto FBO-IIIS horizontal moulding line, powered by an automated pouring system from Progelta, provides the flexibility and capacity to competitively produce parts ranging from simple to complex geometries. All of this is adequately supported by our core department, which utilizes cold box technology.

Our processes combine technological expertise and production efficiency to meet your needs.

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Production Capacity

Our production line uses green sand moulds with the following characteristics:

  • Horizontal joint plane 
  • Size 660 x 508 x 200/200 mm (20 x 26 x 8/8 inches)

Our moulds are designed to precisely and efficiently shape the parts you request.  

Our specialty? Parts under 50 kg.


Types of cast iron

Our Sainte-Claire foundry produces several grades of cast iron:

  • Grey lamellar iron
  • Ductile iron
  • SiMo iron
  • High Si iron
  • ADI iron
  • Specific grade as needed (military or other)
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Creating high-quality prototypes


3D printing technology allows us to offer a comprehensive, efficient, and rapid product development and prototyping service.

3D printing can be used in conjunction with the our production line to create high-quality prototypes. 

Alternatively, prototypes weighing up to several hundred pounds can be manufactured using 3D printed moulds that can be as big as 100 x 75 x 50 cm (40 x 30 x 20 inches).

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Bring your casting projects to life

Our expertise in cast iron products will turn your ideas into reality.

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