Soucy Belgen Drummondville

Soucy Belgen Drummondville offers turnkey solutions for your grey iron, ductile, ADI, and large format steel products.

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A tradition of excellence since 1968

Why our foundry?

The experience we’ve gained since 1968 has emphasized for us the importance of focusing on a human-centric approach when it comes to customer service. As a provider of turnkey solutions, we are committed to ensuring the quality and timeliness of our deliveries to fully meet your high standards for cast iron products. 

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Excellence is at the heart of our identity, making Soucy Belgen Drummondville the ideal trusted partner for your foundry needs.

Innovative processes for large cast iron parts

Our manufacturing processes

Our Drummondville foundry meets high market standards thanks to unique processes specially designed for manufacturing large cast iron parts. We have an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, including one of the largest automated cold moulding lines in Canada.

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Our production capacity

Our commitment to manufacturing precision is reflected in the diversity of our different cast iron grades:

Grey iron
Ductile iron
ADI iron
CR-MO Steel (Chrome and Molydenum)
Working with Soucy Belgen Drummondville

A complete solution

We offer you a complete, high-quality and bespoke development solution for your cast iron products.

Depending on the complexity of the cast piece, the lead time for a prototype can vary between 6 and 20 weeks.

The tooling used is manufactured by external suppliers, with the design fully handled by the Soucy Belgen Drummondville team. The cost of tooling will vary depending on the level of complexity and the quality of the parts requested.

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Bring your project to life

Out turnkey solutions for your large-scale gray iron, ductile iron, ADI, and steel products will make your project a success. 

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