Soucy Powersports

We collaborate with our clients and partners to design innovative accessories that push the boundaries of the powersports market.

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Powersports enthusiasts

Pushing the boundaries of adrenaline

We've always been passionate about powersports. Enthusiasts of these activities are constantly seeking adrenaline, which kicks in as soon as they lay eyes on a vehicle. We fully understand this sensation, as it also fuels our passion for designing and creating accessories that provide a unique style. 

From the initial sketch, we are driven by the desire to push boundaries and offer innovative products for every type of powersports vehicle.

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Our services emcompass design, engineering, and creation 

Comprehensive expertise to turn your ideas into reality through our teams of industrial designers and engineers. 

Ensuring the quality of each product

Our services

From concept validation to prototyping and manufacturing, we ensure the quality of each product by adhering to specifications for safe and enjoyable use. We are specialized in accessories for ATV, side-by-side, and snowmobile, exploring the most extreme terrains.

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Providing an unparalleled driving experience through our comprehensive range of all-terrain vehicles

Our products

Explore a comprehensive range of all-terrain vehicles parts, from rugged and versatile utility side-by-sides to ultimate sport side-by-sides, as well as versatile classic ATVs and winter-ready snowmobiles, providing an unmatched driving experience in all environments.

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Designing Excellence for Your Off-Road Adventure

Our expertise

Our proven expertise in designing premium products translates into a comprehensive range of tailored solutions, whether it's facing the rigors of winter, providing protection against the elements, or meeting various storage and protection needs for off-road vehicles.

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Bring all your projects to life

Our team will bring your project to life with our expertise in designing innovative accessories that push the boundaries of the powersports market. 

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