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Rubber tracks molding

Soucy Caoutchouc offers reliable tracks whose design and manufacturing methods are adapted to different agricultural, powersports, industrial and defense vehicles.

A leader in the manufacture of rubber tracks, the company continually pushes technological limits in order to design systems that defy the most difficult terrains. Soucy Caoutchouc has also developed its own manufacturing facilities to meet the specific requirements of each application – from ATVs to military vehicles over 35 tonnes. Furthermore, it works closely with other subsidiaries of the Group and other partners to create rubber parts that are formulated specifically to the needs of clients.

Soucy Caoutchouc offers rubber tracks for the following vehicles:

STK Bronco with rubber tracksBronco BAR Hägglunds Cv90 with rubber tracksCv90 M113 with rubber tracksM113 Skid steer loaders with rubber tracksSkid steer