Soucy Rubber Tracks

Our manufacturing and moulding processes for tracks are the result of our extensive knowledge of the specific needs of the agricultural, motorsport, industrial, and defence markets.

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Optimizing the track and ensuring its durability

Our manufacturing processes

Our specific moulding process optimizes track manufacturing by allowing the integration of internal alloy with rubber, offering the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs. 

Additionally, the construction of the tracks incorporates steel cables which are strategically placed to optimize the track and ensure its durability.

Compression moulding neutralizes the adverse effects of the steel cables on the performance of the rubber tracks.

This approach enables us to offer dedicated solutions by tailoring the manufacturing of tracks to your specific requirements.

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Designing high-end products as well as tailor-made solutions

Our expertise in these industries

Our products are adapted to the specific needs of the industrial, motorsport, agriculture, or defence sectors.  

We are capable of designing high-end products as well as customized solutions that meet your requirements. Our customers benefits from flexible options. They can choose to conduct a variety of tests on the solution chosen, opt for either a simpler or more complex track structure, and even accelerate the project in line with their time constraints. 

We can meet a whole slew of needs in terms of track dimensions and specifications, from smaller equipment such as snow blowers or large-scale vehicles such as military machinery.

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Learn more about our processes

Our manufacturing and moulding processes for tracks are the results of our extensive understanding of the specific needs of agricultural, powersports, industrial, and defence markets. 

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