Soucy Rubber Tracks

Custom rubber track manufacturing includes material optimization, digital simulation, and physical testing, all facilitated by a dedicated and highly skilled team.

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Developing custom solutions to meet your needs

Our Optimized Materials

We tailor materials for track manufacturing to your specific needs.

This includes considering the terrain on which they will be used, as well as operational conditions like temperature, speed, and weight.

Thanks to our expertise, we develop custom solutions, such as fire-resistant tracks for forest or underwater operations, as well as tracks capable of functioning in extremely cold environments, down to -35°C.

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Ensuring optimal and reliable solutions

Our Digital Simulation Department

What sets us apart? Our leading expertise in the analysis of rubber tracks - where we focus on technically developing each and every aspect.

Through advanced digital simulation, we extensively explore elements such as heat generation, lifespan, alignment, and traction, thereby ensuring optimal and reliable solutions. 

Digital simulation represents a significant innovation, greatly accelerating the understanding of track behaviour in just a few hours. This allows us to accurately model rubber, which is nonlinear and highly deformable, thereby facilitating lifespan estimation. 

Our team's in-depth proficiency with digital simulation enables us to optimize our manufacturing processes and procedures for rubber tracks.

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Our Physical Tests

We have state-of-the-art equipment for physical testing, including dynamic testing to assess tension and compression, fatigue tests, track tests, and laboratory trials.

Furthermore, we work closely with testers in various usage conditions, to better understand challenges faced in a real-world situation and ensure our solutions our tailored to our clients specific needs.

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Bring your project to life

Our turnkey service for custom rubber track manufacturing will allow you to achieve the desired results, meeting you highest standards of quality. 

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