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Our warehouse and office spaces are ideal for setting up your distribution center or customs brokerage agency. Our facility is equipped with overhead cranes that can handle up to 10 tons and three-phase power, offering you all the flexibility you need to successfully run your company.

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U.S. Foothold closest to Montreal

Whether you need to lease office or warehouse space or require a space for your manufacturing equipment, Soucy USA has over 225,000 sq. ft. that can be entirely configured to your needs, less than 5 minutes from the Canada-US border.

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Ideal for a customers broker, distribution center, shipping company or courier business, our spaces can be entirely arranged to suit your specific needs. 

Warehouse and Factory

Soucy USA is a complex totaling more than 200,000 sq. ft. that can accommodate manufacturing equipment or be used for warehousing purposes.

All our spaces are equipped with:

  • The necessary security measures to ensure warehoused goods are safe
  • Overhead cranes with a capacity ranging from 0.5 to 10 tons
  • Three-phase power
  • Office space that can be set up according to your needs
  • Access to an area and a resource for shipping and receiving goods
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Other services

In addition to leasing office and warehouse space and space to fit your manufacturing equipment, Soucy USA offers various other services:

  • Reception and shipment of goods
  • Reception and warehousing of goods in your warehouse at Soucy USA (fixed cost per box handled)
  • Reception, handling, and warehousing of pallets of goods (fixed cost per pallet handled)
  • Rental of fork lifts with your OSHA-certified operator
  • Rental of fork lifts with an OSHA-certified operator from Soucy USA
  • Resources for clerical work
  • Resources for maintenance work
  • Telephone, fax, and photocopying services and a US-based phone number
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