Vertical integration for diverse and innovative solutions.


Soucy business units

At Soucy, our diverse business units work in harmony, creating a vertical integration that enables us to offer a broad spectrum of innovative and superior-quality solutions to meet various needs.


Soucy Baron

Our Soucy Baron unit is the manufacturing reference in the development and integration of custom elastomer solutions. OEMs trust us to design, test, and produce high-performance rubber parts. With expertise, facilities, and technologies, we have all the ingredients to meet your most stringent requirements.

Soucy Belgen Grosses pieces tuile

Soucy Belgen Drummondville

Since 1968, our Soucy Belgen unit has been producing gray and ductile iron, ADI, and steel products, along with other specialized castings. Our foundry is equipped with extensive, state-of-the-art technology, including Canada's largest automated cold molding line.

Soucy Belgen SC tuile 2

Soucy Belgen Sainte-Claire

Since 1975, our Soucy Belgen Sainte-Claire unit has specialized in manufacturing small parts (50 kilograms or less) from gray and ductile iron and ADI, among other specialized castings. 

Soucy chenille caoutchouc tuile

Soucy Rubber Tracks

Our Soucy Rubber Tracks division excels in designing custom rubber tracks, tailored to meet the specific demands and constrants of each application. 

Soucy Plastiques uhmw pe

Soucy Plastiques

Distinguished by its unique direct compression molding (DCM) and extrusion techniques, our Soucy Plastics division specializes in the production of molded plastic products.

Soucy rivalair tuile

Soucy Rivalair

Known for its unmatched precision and quality, Soucy Rivalair leads in advanced machining, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to produce high-performance parts that conform to the most rigorous industry standards.

Soucy sports motorises tuile unite

Soucy Powersports

Soucy Powersports, our unit dedicated to the design and production of parts and accessories for the motorsport industry, provides customized solutions tailored to the vehicles and needs of our business partners. 

Soucy s chenilles ing tuile

Soucy Track Systems

Our Soucy Track Systems division specializes in the design and manufacture of custom track systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), delivering reliable, high-performance solutions that have stood the test of time.

Soucy Techno tuile

Soucy Techno

Soucy Techno is renowned for its expertise in custom rubber compounding. Through innovative processes and a focus on each client's specific needs, it offers bespoke solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Soucy track tuile

Soucy Track

Soucy Track specializes in the sale and distribution of aftermarket track systems for the agricultural sector, offering solutions tailored to the needs of farmers and commercial partners.

Soucy Defense tuile

Soucy Defense

Our Soucy Defense unit, specialized in designing rubber tracks for the defense sector, provides tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific needs of military applications.