About Soucy

Soucy is an integrated manufacturing and distribution group that does things its own way.

Our company is composed of several expert units, which can unite their skills to create a flagship product of off-road mobility: the Soucy track systems. 

At the heart of what we do, there are big machines and a lot of technology. But most of all, there are people. People with stars in their eyes and ideas that think outside the box. 

By putting these people forward since our modest garage in 1967, we have managed to become one of the largest manufacturers in Quebec. We design and manufacture our track systems as well as high-performance parts and accessories for the world's leading manufacturers of off-road products, while also distributing directly to consumers.

And, we're proud of it.

Soucy a propos
Our Mission

Soucy creates and manufactures track systems as well as high-performance parts and accessories designed to take you off the beaten track.

The forces that guide us

Our values

Over the years, we've come to understood that our greatest strength lies in sharing the same goals and values. And, most importantly, we believe that people come first.  

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We really love what we do

There’s nothing we love more (professionally-speaking) than rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work. Not only do we believe in our products, we’re proud of them. And for many of us, this passion extends beyond work hours to snowmobiling and off roading. Because when you put yourself in the shoes (or boots) of your clients, then their success becomes your success. 

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We move forward together

At Soucy, creating and manufacturing unparalleled products starts with working together. That means leaning in on the strengths of each individual, each team, and each subsidiary. Because the only way to achieve our goals (even the ones that seem way out there) is to openly communicate and support each other every step of the way.

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We aren’t afraid to make mistakes

We give ourselves the freedom to make mistakes. Because that’s where the learning happens. That’s how we get to the unexpected ideas that wouldn’t be found otherwise. At Soucy, the job doesn’t end when we find a solution. It ends when we make that solution the best it can be. That’s what being creative and innovative is all about.

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We are genuine

We believe good ideas can come from anyone. Because ideas have no hierarchy. As a result, our teams are tight, our structure is streamlined, and our management is always accessible. The secret to our success centres around being curious, open to others, and adaptable to change. It’s what makes us who we are.