Soucy Powersports

Our expertise developed over the years allows us to design the best products on the market, whether it's snowplow systems, mechanically welded products, storage solutions, plastic vehicle protection, cabin components, rack and cargo systems with quick attachment, or polycarbonate cutting and moulding.

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Developing products tailored to each user

Our expertise

Developed over the years, our expertise enables ut to design the best products on the market. Whether it's in snowy conditions or to protect against the elements, we have the ability to develop products tailored to each user!

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    Clearing snow is part of our daily routine. Every day, we rethink our snowplow systems to make them even more efficient.

  • Sports Motorises Bumper 1620x1080

    To protect vehicles against impacts and collisions, we can design the best possible options.  

  • Soucy sports motorises Cargo box background

    Whether it's protecting against dust or water, our expertise allows us to manufacture storage boxes tailored to all needs.

  • Soucy sports motorises Skidplate background

    Never overlook the protection of the underside of a vehicle! Our plastic manufacturing processes enhance your driving experience!

  • Soucy sports motorises Cab background

    From roofs to doors, our knowledge allows us to integrate ideal cabin components for all types of off-road vehicles.

  • Soucy sports motorises Cargo and rack background

    The uses of off-road vehicles are varied! Versatility is essential, requiring the design of the most robust attachment systems. We know what we're talking about.

  • Soucy sports motorises Windshield background

    Combining visibility and moulding is an art we've been perfecting for years. We constantly optimize our process to deliver the best.

Our evolving expertise enables us to design a diverse range of highly performing products. 

From snowplow systems to cabin components, thus meeting all the needs of off-road vehicle users.

Benefit from our expertise

Our expertise developed over the years allows us to design the best products in the motorsports market according to your specific needs.

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