Soucy Powersports: Dedicated To Producing Innovative Parts And Accessories

Soucy Sports Motorises notre expertise en pieces et accessoires

Did you know that Soucy has been active in the powersports industry since its very beginnings in 1967? Thanks to its in-depth expertise developed over the years, the Soucy Powersports division now works with the biggest names in powersports. That’s because the team is able to fully manage every step of the projects entrusted to them, from the ideation phase to production.

In other words, clients who partner with us receive a finished product that is ready for the market.

One single provider, myriad possibilities!

We design and manufacture parts and accessories for powersports vehicles including thermoformed windshields, metal protective equipment, plows, and storage systems.

We put collaboration at the heart of our work – we always sit down with the client to assess the possibilities. We even strive to push the limits of each project: we never say no… we always find a way to deliver! In essence, every department works together to ensure a flawless product that meets the real needs of the final user.

Working with clients also involves:

  • Understanding their market and the needs of their clients
  • Tracking the product’s evolution, from design to production
  • Monitoring quality assurance at every step… even in China thanks to our local team
  • Performing tests and ensuring quality standards are met, even in the field

Thanks to our know-how, our teams are also able to design parts and accessories for other types of vehicles. Windshields, plows, protective equipment, storage systems… there’s no limit to what we can do!

Working at Soucy Powersports means growing your passion for the powersports industry every day. Our teams include creative thrill-seekers who give it their all, both in terms of their projects and out there on the trails. Prototypists, engineers, designers, and other experts come together to deliver the highest quality solutions.

And because we all know that innovation is a result of trial and error, Soucy gives its teams the freedom to design and express their opinion. We even give them the space to work on personal projects!

Want to work with vehicles and products that are not on the market yet? Check out the positions available at Soucy Powersports.