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Explore our UHMW-PE product lineup: hybrid wheels for agricultural vehicles, innovative planter wheels, and dependable impact bars. Enhance the durability and efficiency of your agricultural and conveying equipment.

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Exclusive Product Range

Innovation and Quality with UHMW-PE

Beyond creating custom products upon request, we develop a premium range of proprietary products.

Utilizing the distinctive properties of UHMW-PE and incorporating cutting-edge technologies, we strive for innovation and quality.

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A High-Performance Wheel for Agricultural Machinery

Hybrid Wheel

Primarily designed for agricultural machinery such as tractors and combines, our hybrid wheel is a critical component of Soucy track systems.

Combining a UHMW-PE structure with a reinforced rubber coating, it provides enhanced durability and superior track protection against wear.

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This quality design maximizes track longevity and reduces the maintenance costs of agricultural machinery.

Innovative Planter Wheel: Enhanced Performance and Durability for Agricultural Sowing

Planter Wheel (Closing Wheel)

Our "closing wheel," specifically designed for agricultural applications, plays a pivotal role in sealing the soil post-sowing.

Constructed from UHMW-PE plastic, it matches the efficiency of traditional wheels while surpassing them in durability, flexibility, and adaptability.

Our proprietary range also features an HD planter wheel with an added thicker rubber coating. 

This innovative solution is recognized as the most cost-effective and efficient option available, improving our clients' agricultural operations.

Advantages of the Planter Wheel:

  • Unbreakable with exceptional resistance
  • No risk of delamination 
  • Significant reduction in mud accumulation
  • Monolithic design ensures utmost robustness
  • Reversible wheel extends usability
  • Quick and easy installation
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Discover our range of UHMW-PE products

We offer a diverse range of UHMW-PE products, including hybrid wheels for agricultural vehicles, innovative closing wheels, and reliable impact bars. 

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