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Thanks to compression moulding, shield extrusion, rubber bonding, and automated wheel production, we accomplish complex UHMW-PE assemblies.

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Expanding Possibilities with Hot Direct Compression of UHMW-PE

Compression moulding

The hot direct compression technique for UHMW-PE enables us to integrate additional materials like steel (e.g., steel flanges) or rubber (via overmoulding), broadening the range of possibilities.

With over 150 presses ranging from 100 to 1000 tons at our disposal, we're equipped for various complex assemblies.

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Preserving Mechanical Properties for Efficient Profile Production

Shield Extrusion

The shield (or piston) extrusion process for UHMW-PE profiles allows us to maintain the mechanical properties of the manufactured parts, enabling high production rates without the need for machining.

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Exceptional Bonding Between Rubber and UHMW-PE

Rubber Bonding Cell

Our plant's bonding cell on hubs utilizes a molecular bonding technique between rubber and UHMW-PE during manufacturing.

This high-quality approach ensures extraordinary adhesion, negating any risk of rubber delamination due to heat or stress.

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Bring your UHMW-PE projects to life

Our expertise will enable you to carry out your complex UHMW-PE assembly projects. 

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