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We accompany you throughout the development of your cast iron parts with our expertise, automated equipment, and effective solutions.

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Active collaboration for efficient foundry solutions

Product development

Collaboration, proactivity, and teamwork come to life during the development of foundry parts with our team. We work closely with you, support you, and guide you throughout the industrialization process of your parts.

We can quickly design the necessary tooling for production, thanks to our simulation tools and our large group of subcontractors.

According to complexity, your parts can be delivered for approval as quickly as within a 3 to 4-week timeframe. Efficient and fast solutions for your cast iron needs!

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A foundry at the top of its art. I was guided by experts and seasoned project managers from the first contact.

Operating swiftly with the full automation of our production line

Automated production

The full automation of our production chain allows us to operate quickly, independent of labor market fluctuations. We ensure the quality and timeliness of our deliveries to fully meet your needs.

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Improve your production!

Optimize your casting part manufacturing with our foundry 4.0. 

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