Soucy Belgen Sainte-Claire

Our fusion, coring, green sand moulding, and automated pouring processes will meet your requirements.

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We use robust, reliable equipment for the melting process


We perform melting using modern equipment and cutting-edge technologies.

We own two 6TM induction furnaces powered by hydroelectricity, a green and renewable energy source. Each melt is controlled and analyzed. Once ready, the cast iron is transported by an automated transport system to the casting station.

The metal is continuously monitored for quality and adjusted by a thermal analysis system throughout the entire process, from melting to the mould.

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Final parts that meet your expectations

Cold box core making

We own two LL-10 Lamps that meet all our foundry’s needs, be they simple or complex.

The robustness, efficiency, and repeatability of the cold box core making process ensure the final part produced meets your specific expectations.


Green sand moulding

Our Sinto FBO-IIIS is supplied with green sand from a fully automated sand plant.

Our sand plant has integrated Industry 4.0 technology such as predictive monitoring which enables it to meet moulding needs using green sand with unparalleled stability.

With our Sinto FBO-IIS, our moulding rate can reach up to 160 uncored moulds per hour –and 100 to 120 cored moulds per hour.

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Automated casting

An image analysis system ensures the casting process is automated. Casting parameters come directly from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Furthermore, every significant aspect of a mould is logged – thereby ensuring excellent traceability.

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A high-performance laboratory designed to meet your material certification needs

Laboratory and testing

In addition to supporting our daily production operations, our laboratory meets your material certification needs.

Our laboratory's performance is flawless, thanks to:

  • a redundancy of critical equipment
  • internal capabilities in non-destructive testing
  • and superior quality equipment
Soucy Belgen SC Lab

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Our processes will meet your highest standards quality.

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