Soucy Belgen

Our melting, core making, molding, and casting processes meet your high standards. We also offer laboratory testing to guarantee the quality of our cast iron products.

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Advanced melting technology for precise specifications


Our Soucy Belgen foundry in Drummondville performs melting uses cutting-edge equipment and technologies.

Each casting is subject to a meticulous chemical analysis, and compositions are adjusted according to required specifications - all to meet your high standards.

We have standalone induction furnaces of varying capacities, including furnaces of 1 x 3 tons or 2 x 6 tons.

Our equipment allows us to cast different classes of iron in the same day. Thanks to a magnet loading system, raw materials are precisely distributed in the furnaces.

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Expertise in core making: Precision and Versatility

Core making

Core making allows the creation of voids and complex shapes with a high level of precision, suitable for small and large cast iron parts.

We use various core making processes:

  • LL-10 automatic moulding machines
  • Cold box core making process
  • Shell core making process
  • No-bake core making process

Our expert team will recommend the most suitable core making solution, minimizing tooling costs while guaranteeing quality parts.

Soucy Belgen Noyautage
From precision to exceptional efficiency

Automatic and manual moulding

Thanks to our automated moulding line for cast iron, we can produce partsweighing anywhere from 135 to 3,600 kg (300 to 8,000 pounds) with exceptional precision and efficiency.

In addition to this cutting-edge technology, our team also offers floor moulding for larger parts weighing from 2,260 to 5,500 kg (5,000 and 12,000 pounds).

This combination of automated and manual processes allows us to meet your needs and guarantee superior quality parts, no matter how complex they are.

Soucy Belgen moulage automatique

Controlled casting

In our casting process, we use grade-specific inoculation, performed continuously in the flow of molten metal. This allows us to guarantee optimal metallurgical properties tailored to each alloy.

Simultaneously, every casting treatment is meticulously controlled for microstructure and nodularity, thus ensuring a consistent and reliable quality of our parts.

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Ensuring the quality of your products through tests conducted in our laboratory

Laboratory and testing

We guarantee the quality of your products through tests conducted in our laboratory. We build and maintain an exhaustive database that allows us to continuously improve our cast iron products.

The tests we offer:

  • Non-destructive tests (NDT)
  • Verification of microstructure and nodularity for each treatment (mechanical property)
  • Continuous control and data collection
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Get the best products.

Our fusion, coring, moulding, and casting processes meet your high requirements. 

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