Soucy Belgen

Soucy Belgen inc.

Visit the websiteRecognized as the leader in North America with regards to technically demanding projects, Soucy Belgen Inc. has modern, optimized facilities to allow high quality castings.

To consolidate the positioning of Soucy Belgen as a world class foundry, 190,000 ft2 of production area and 14,000 ft2 of office space were added in 2013. This expansion increases the production capacity and supply chain stability, and includes Canada largest automated no-bake moulding line. The strategic location of these facilities ensures flexible delivery, which is compatible with modern methods of project management.

The foundry focuses on quality and innovation in moulding, casting, fusion, core making, and modelling.

Soucy Belgen provides parts of different cast iron types:

La fonte ADIADI
Fonte ductileDuctile iron
Fonte griseGrey iron

Soucy Belgen’s services :

MeltingMelting MoldingMolding PatternshopPatternshop Core makingCore making