Étude cas

Case Studies

Here are some case studies that demonstrate the innovative spirit cultivated in various subsidiaries of Soucy group. You will find the steps taken by the expert teams of the group and the solutions from their expertise and experience.


Cabine LXC ProwlerCabinThe first ATV cabin designed entirely by Soucy is a complete high end system equipped with front and rear panels, roof and doors.See case study
Pelle CLICKnGo2Click N Go 2 PlowClick N Go 2 plow has excellent performance shoveling while offering superior lift height.See case study
PorteDoorSoucy has designed doors for Wildcat and Wildcat Trail to meet the standards of ROHVA vehicles.See case study
DesignIndustrial DesignThe Soucy Group has created a track system specially adapted to vineyards for a renowned Italian manufacturer.See case study
Ski monopièceSingle-Piece SkiDesigners and engineers at Soucy Group created a one-piece ski reducing the number of assembly steps and the amount of pieces.See case study
BarbotinSprocketsThe development of a sprocket in UHMW plastic and another in ADI cast illustrates the multitude proposed by the Soucy Group opportunities.See case study
ChenilleS-TECH 612The Soucy Group has designed and produced a track system which adjustable tracks spacing to adapt to specific crop rows of vegetable culture.See case study
Defense trackTrack for Defense VehiculeSoucy International has demonstrated ingenuity in creating tracks adapted to vehicles over 35 tons.See case study
Skid steerTrack for Skid SteerSoucy Group has developed a rubber track system to replace wheels of a compact charger for industrial application.See case study
Travel limiterTravel LimiterSoucy Baron designed a displacement limiter for a precise braking curve.See case study
Pelle en UHMW-PE pour VTTUHMW PlowThe industrial design team of Soucy Group has been innovative and proactive in designing a plow made of UHMW-PE.See case study
RS4 RS4RS4: a feat of exceptional engineering and design resulting in the first ever trail-ready ATV track system. See case study