The Specialist of Technically Demanding Mandates

The Soucy group, through its Soucy Belgen subsidiary, distinguishes itself by offering, under one roof, traditional green-sand moulding and its resin sand process. The full range of services offered by the group will prove to be a serious commercial advantage, because you will be communicating with a sole partner throughout the production process. Holder of an ISO 9001 certification, Soucy Belgen manufactures high quality products.

Soucy Belgen has the ability to produce parts ranging from 0.5 to 24 000 pounds.


To consolidate the positioning of Soucy Belgen as a world class foundry, 190,000 ft2 of production area and 14,000 ft2 of office space were added in 2013. This expansion increases the production capacity and supply-chain stability, in addition to housing Canada’s largest automated no-bake moulding. The strategic location of these facilities ensures flexible delivery, which is compatible with modern methods of project management.

Soucy Belgen possesses the largest automated no-bake resin sand line in Canada.

The capacity to produce 50 pieces perhour.

The Soucy advantages:

  • Manufacturing steps controlled by an experienced team
  • North American leader for technically demanding mandates
  • Turnkey service, including painting and machining
  • Traditional green sand casting and resin sand process (no-bake) in the same foundry
  • ISO certification since 1998
  • Expertise in a variety of fields: wind farms, defense, oil, mining, agriculture, rail and construction and aggregates, tools, transportation, power distribution, motors, pumps and valves, HVAC systems, cranes and hoists, pulp and paper, transmissions and specialized gears

Soucy processes:

La fonte ADIADI
Fonte ductileDuctile iron
Fonte griseGrey iron