Electric Vehicles Benefit from Rubber Components

Specialty EVs that will be subjected to harsh off-road conditions need innovative designs. Custom rubber formulations play a key role for EV manufacturers in multiple ways.

Isolate and protect

Customized rubber isolators like barriers and seals can be designed to isolate and protect critical EV components. Certain rubber formulations also offer thermal management and heat resistance properties.

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Prevent damage

By damping noise and vibration, custom-engineered rubber solutions can help prevent damage to batteries and other critical EV components. 

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Optimize efficiency and improve performance

Efficient design makes all the difference in EV performance. Expertise in rubber formulation, overmolding and adhesion to metal are advantageous in creating high-performance, durable EV components.

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Typical rubber components designed for EVs

Rubber components for electric vehicles include the following:

  • Seals
  • Bushings
  • Mounting system parts
Soucy Marches 400x265 electrification

Designing electric vehicles?

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