Entrust Critical Parts to Our Exceptional Molding, Overmolding, And Rubber-To-Metal Bonding Capabilities

We use different molding and overmolding processes to best suit each project. Our sandblasting and bonding expertise allow us to provide superior adhesion results.

Low-VOC adhesives

Depend on our mastery of different adhesion techniques and our extensive knowledge of adhesive types to respond to your adhesion challenges. Steel, aluminum and certain plastics can all be bonded to rubber.  Our experts use adhesives that provide additional protection against corrosion, without adding a step in the treatment of the part.

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Overmolding to improve structural properties

Rubber and silicone overmolding involves coating a metal component to ensure that the desired physical and mechanical properties for the application of the part are achieved. Overmolding reduces production time, manufacturing costs, and additional assembly and finishing steps.

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Compression overmolding

For compression overmolding, a non-vulcanized preformed piece of rubber is placed in a cavity of a two-plate mold. When the mold is closed, the preformed piece conforms to the shape of the cavity and the rubber vulcanizes.

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Transfer overmolding

In transfer overmolding, a sheet of non-vulcanized rubber is placed in a pot on the top of a mold. The press then forces the rubber through a runner system and into the cavities of the mold where the rubber vulcanizes to the shape of the cavity.

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Injection overmolding

With injection overmolding, the rubber compound is preheated by the press then injected into the runner system of the mold. The runner system carries the rubber to the cavity where the rubber vulcanizes into the shape of the cavity.

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