The CKX Atlas Helmet: Innovative Versatility At Its Finest

Casque Atlas de CKX une innovation polyvalente

Over the years, our subsidiary Kimpex has become a leader of the powersports industry, designing a range of both entry-level and high-end products for ATV, snowmobile, and motorcycle enthusiasts. In fact, Kimpex has revolutionized the world of snowmobiling thanks to its line of CKX clothing and accessories which has been allowing snowmobilers to take their passion to the next level since 1991.

The helmet projects team, wanting to provide consumers with more choices, recently developed their very first motorcycle helmet: the CKX Atlas. It represents CKX’s desire to put their expertise of extreme riding conditions to the service of the adventure riding market. It is a helmet that truly embodies the best features of every CKX helmet that has come before it.

The Atlas helmet is truly unique. Its 5 exceptional features make it one of the most versatile products on the market:

  1. An adjustable, pivoting, removable muzzle: The pivoting muzzle is one of the helmet’s most remarkable features. It can be opened and removed to maximize airflow and features a 3-stage adjustable ventilation . Riders can even take a sip of water without having to remove their helmet thanks to the integrated removable muzzle grid. A feature that is only available on this motorcycle helmet.
  2. A patented push-button mechanism: The push-button mechanism built into the Atlas helmet makes this helmet incredibly versatile. It’s a patented technology that allows riders to adjust the helmet to their needs. For example, when stopped, they can easily set the helmet to another riding configuration. Thanks to the push-button mechanism, no tools are required to adjust the peak and shield. The former can be removed for optimum aerodynamics on the road while the latter can be removed if the rider wants to wear off-road goggles only.
  3. An extendable, aerodynamic, adjustable peak: The Atlas helmet peak can be extended to create custom shadow zones. It can also be raised or lowered for improved visibility. Moreover, its aerodynamic design reduces drag by allowing air flow between the shell and peak. That and its specific shape reduce noise and pressure on the rider’s neck.
  4. A removable, anti-fog shield : If riders want to wear goggles designed for off-roading with the helmet, they can completely remove the anti-fog shield. They can also wear goggles fitted underneath the shield for a double layer of protection, allowing them to instantly transition from paved surfaces to off-roading conditions.
  5. Lightweight materials: The Atlas helmet’s composition also sets it apart from other products on the market. The basic model’s fibreglass shell – and the high-end model’s carbon shell – make it very compact and light. Depending on the size and model, the helmet weighs between 1,400 to 1,500 grams. Which is quite light for this type of helmet!

The Atlas is a hybrid on/off-roading helmet. That means it can be adjusted for both on and off-roading adventures. Riders can use their hands to configure it 3 ways:

  • Road: For on-road riding, the peak is removed while the shield, muzzle, and grid remain in place.
  • Adventure: For adventure riding on a mix of paved and rugged terrain, the peak remains in place and is adjusted to the rider’s needs. The shield, muzzle, and grid also remain in place.
  • Enduro: For off-road riding with obstacles in the way, the rider can wear goggles (with or without the shield) with the peak extended to the maximum. The muzzle and grid remain in place.
    The helmet was designed to be easily adjustable: riders can configure it to their specific needs at any time.

At Soucy, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and surround ourselves with teams that are passionate about powersports to design and manufacture products that are a source of pride. The Atlas helmet is no exception. In fact, this all-in-one accessory has been hailed as a success from other Soucy experts during the first edition of the Innovation Forum.

To find out more, visit CKX’s Atlas helmet webpage.