Hygie, Our Concept Of An Ideal Visor

Product development
Concept Hygie une vision de la visiere ideale

Our subsidiary Soucy International is equipped with a thermoforming department and wanted to assess the personal protective equipment (PPE) needs of workplaces and other environments. After a thorough analysis of what was already available on the market, our team designed a new kind of visor that would not only provide enhanced protection, but also comfort. In short, the Hygie concept represents our vision of a cutting-edge visor. Traditional visors are functional, but they could be improved to provide greater comfort during extended use thanks to sophisticated features.

As part of an experimental project, Soucy International's industrial design team attempted to revamp the traditional visor by analyzing current needs and envisioning its potential added value. The resulting concept is the Hygie visor, in reference to the Greek goddess of health.

When drafting the initial drawings for the model, the team established four main criteria for the visor. It had to be innovative, original, multifunctional and adjustable. The goal was also to create a concept that was practical, sophisticated and fully adaptable to consumers’ lifestyle and work habits.

In addition to the ocular and physical protection the Hygie visor offers, it was also designed with a built-in air circulation system. When a visor is worn for a long period of time, excess heat and moisture needs to be dispersed to maximize comfort. In this case, the air enters from the top, is filtered, and then circulates inside. The built-in filter cartridge is washable and can easily be changed.

Traditional visors are not adjustable, leading users to often complain about discomfort, even headaches. With this in mind, our team designed the Hygie visor to be completely adjustable thanks to a button on the side that controls a flexible band at the back. The front section is independent from the front ring and can be lifted when needed. The design was engineered for both men and women. Moreover, the curvature of the polycarbonate visor allows clearance for a large variety of face shapes.

With traditional visors, sound is hampered by the visor which creates a barrier. A sound broadcast system is integrated into the Hygie model at mouth level, thereby reducing interference.

Furthermore, a Bluetooth® system has been integrated into the design, allowing synchronization with a smartphone and making communication possible without the user having to remove the visor. When they receive a call, they can simply press a button to start and end the conversation. Through projection, the user is also able to see the information of the incoming call in their field of vision, minimizing the need to physically handle equipment. When the person wants to make a call, they can press the same button or use the voice assistance system already integrated in smartphones, such as Bixby® or Siri®.

Some situations require extra lighting. For instance, when medical personnel are required to use a visor to provide care during the night. To this end, the industrial design team came up with an OLED light-equipped facepiece that can be dimmed with a button on top of the visor.

In this design, a 12-hour charge is supplied by two lithium-ion batteries incorporated on each side of the ventilation system. The visor can be charged by induction when placed on a purpose-built stand.

The Hygie could also be used in a variety of other settings, such as a situation where a respiratory protective apparatus (RPA) is required. It could also be used on assembly lines or construction sites because it would be certified against shocks and impacts while being compatible with helmets and other protective equipment.

During the brainstorming phase, the design team was aware how important the material selection process was. Because the visor would be worn for prolonged periods of time, weight was an important factor to consider. Furthermore, the visor had to be easily cleanable and disinfected.

"We used the same iteration and design process on the Hygie model that we use for other products Soucy manufactures. We are constantly looking for ways to do things differently, to innovate, to improve and perfect what is currently available, all with the goal of offering a better user experience," said Vincent Morin, Industrial Design Director at Soucy International.

While the Hygie visor remains in the concept phase, it nevertheless shows the creative process at the heart of work done by industrial designers. These types of projects are crucial, whether to meet the future needs of a specific trade or in response to pandemics.