How Internal Mobility Helped 2 Employees Propel Their Career


At Soucy, employees are always encouraged to grow professionally. Some of them have even jumped on the opportunity to change fields and work in another subsidiary. This is the story of Sarah Bizzarro and Ludovic Tougas.

Sarah Bizzarro Agente ressources humaines

Sarah joined Soucy International in March 2022. Because she couldn’t find a daycare spot for her child, she started as an industrial painter working evening shifts. This schedule allowed her and her spouse to keep working while they contemplated their options.

When Sarah found a daycare for her child, she wanted to start working day shifts again. She looked at what was available within the Soucy Group.

She joined Kimpex in February 2023 as a human resources agent. “I was interested in working in human resources and I felt that Kimpex was open to giving me a chance.” Sarah said she is very satisfied with how Kimpex welcomed her and the way members of the HR team have taken her under their wing.

Sarah loves the fact that no two days are alike. Her tasks include:

  • Ensuring the administrative follow-ups required by the human resources department
  • Overseeing employee recognition activities
  • Taking part in welcoming new hires
  • Drafting and publishing internal communications
  • Leading the Health and Well-Being Committee
  • Supporting the recruitment teams

In addition to these tasks, Sarah is sometimes called upon to help other teams such as the finance and payroll teams. She says she appreciates the openness of her colleagues and that they are always available for her. “We move together in the same direction! We get results because everyone contributes.”

Ludovic Tougas Programmeur analyste

Before applying for a job at Soucy, Ludovic was employed as a post-production technical director for a Montreal studio. After moving to Drummondville in July 2019, he was hired by Soucy International as a mechanical assembler – a completely new career!

After 6 months on the job, Ludovic took a moment to reflect on his career achievements. “I’m very adept with anything to do with IT and I realized there were openings in the IT department. I wanted to offer my skills.”

The timing was just right since we were looking to expand our team! In January 2020, Ludovic was transferred to the IT department for a three-month trial. “The team and I clicked right away. After my trial period, I was offered a position that I obviously accepted!” In March 2020, Ludovic took a paternity leave and reintegrated his position as an IT technician upon his return.

He also began learning programming and scripting. “I wanted to keep pushing the limits of my knowledge. I therefore registered for an Attestation of Collegial Studies in web development at Cégep de St-Félicien.” Thanks to his new skillset, he joined the development team at Soucy Track Systems in September 2023 where he now works as a programmer analyst.

Depending on the team’s needs and the software implanted, his tasks vary. These include:

  • Identifying bugs in new interfaces
  • Producing BI reports
  • Creating data cubes
  • Researching new technologies
  • Offering training activities on new tools

At Soucy, there are plenty of professional development opportunities. Sarah and Ludovic are proof of the company’s dedication to helping employees blaze new trails. Your passions and professional goals can help you achieve great things! Feel like propelling your career? Consult our positions available.