Custom molding and overmolding

For quality and durable parts

Whether you have an intricate design, a rough idea that needs refining, or a technical requirement like abrasion resistance, we have the expertise to deliver high quality durable molded parts.


Compression molding

For parts that requiring high abrasion resistance and/or higher hardness, we typically use compression molding.


Transfer molding

For small parts requiring a high degree of precision and/or aesthetics we rely on our transfer molding expertise.


Injection molding

Our injection molding capabilities meet a broad spectrum of technical requirements and can leverage economies of scale to great effect.


Flashless molding

For parts requiring a high degree of finish and an unparalleled aesthetic, we can design molds that will eliminate any excess material on part surfaces.

We are here to help you!

For parts requiring high finishing and exceptional aesthetics, we are able to design molds that eliminate the need for any additional finishing (deburrs, flashless).

Soucy Baron Molding