Rely on our Polymer Engineering and Modelling Expertise

The effectiveness of a rubber product depends on its mechanical properties and durability. Our expertise in polymer chemistry allows us to meet your technical requirements using precise designs and formulations for physical characteristics such as pliability, temperature, durability, static/dynamic stiffness, damping coefficient, and transmissibility.

Complex component design

Different types of rubber have specific properties, so deep knowledge and expertise of various formulations, curing processes and surface treatments are needed to design components that behave as needed. Our precise choices result in components with the desired physical properties such as static and dynamic rigidity, and resistance to fatigue and tearing.

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Material selection

Resistance to various fuels, oils, acids, alkalines, weathering, UV agents, ozone, heat, flame, abrasion, as well as low-temperature flexibility and gas impermeability are all chemical properties that will dictate the choice of materials. We select every ingredient and additive to be in perfect balance with the type of elastomer, its composition, odorants, colour pigments and flame retardants.

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Modelling for performance

When designing parts, our engineers carry out extensive analyses and tests including the following:

  • Characterization of elastomeric materials (non-linear behaviour)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Product characterization to confirm modelled mechanical behaviour
  • Evaluation of longevity
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