Three Decades Of Career Growth

2 Soucy Employees Share Their Journey

30 ans de developpement professionnel 2 employes Soucy partagent leur parcours

At Soucy, we care about the personal and professional development of our employees. Our pledge to help them blaze new trails means providing them with the opportunity to explore all kinds of avenues. Read on to learn more about Soucy Techno’s David Landry, Manager - Production, and Martin Laperle, Project Manager.

From a summer job to a marvelous career

In 1994, David wanted to take a gap year after his second Cégep semester. When he began looking for a job after the school year ended, one of his contacts offered him the opportunity to become a machine operator at Soucy Techno. He liked his experience so much that he didn’t go back to school once the fall came around!

Over the next 20 years, David worked on a variety of machines used to mix rubber. This experience allowed him to gain a wealth of knowledge and develop an expertise in his field.

In 2018, David’s managerial skills were recognized and he took on the role of transport logistics manager. His first task was to build a team. “I wanted to take on challenges, and I certainly got my wish,” he said. He became the head of production in 2021, a position he occupies to this day.


A moment that has stayed with him

We asked David to share the most memorable moment of his career. “A business trip to Toronto with a colleague changed everything for me.” He said it was an opportunity to meet inspiring people, offer solutions, and share his vision with others.

From construction worksites to Soucy Techno

Martin was working in the construction industry in 1994. One of his childhood friends was hired by Soucy Techno and told him about his new job. Martin was won over by his friend’s enthusiasm and told him “if a position opens up [he’d like] to work for the company.” He was scheduled for an interview the next morning at 7 a.m.

Martin began his career at Soucy working on the production line and driving forklifts. In 2001, he became an operator on the mixing line. Ten years later, he was promoted to head of the pre-forming team. His role was to support the teams assigned to shaping the rubber after it was mixed.

He became the head of production in 2018. As part of this hybrid management position, he assisted teams in their day-to-day tasks while helping to improve the machines. This experience made him realize he had an interest in continually improving the equipment. He eventually became the equipment manager and was able to leverage all the technical know-how he had accrued.

In 2020, his in-depth knowledge of the machines used by Soucy Techno allowed him to transition to the position of continuous improvement manager. He’s been a project coordinator since 2022. As part of his daily tasks, he relies on his expertise to support project managers and help them see their projects through. He has become an invaluable source of knowledge at Soucy Techno!


A memorable achievement

Martin told us that one of the high points of his career was when he helped design the multilayer calendering line. “I don’t think there’s anything like it in the entire rubber industry. I’m very proud to have seen this project come to life.”


Growing professionally thanks to the support of others

Martin says that that he has been able to grow because of the people in his life. “I was very lucky that my colleagues supported me from the get-go and also fortunate to have been able to count on the support of my spouse. She helped me excel.” Martin says he has grown both professionally and personally since 1994. “I believe that rising through the ranks of a company requires patience. You also need to express your ambitions to show you’re interested. People can’t always guess what you want.”

After all these years at Soucy Techno, David and Martin agree: there are still plenty of stimulating challenges in store!

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