Press release – Drummondville, May 22, 2024

Soucy unveils its new brand identity and launches a new website

Soucy devoile nouvelle identite de marque et lance nouveau site web

Soucy has unveiled its new brand identity and launched its new website today. The company is setting the tone for the sixth decade of its history with a brand identity that reflects its new ambitions and reaffirms its position as one of Quebec’s largest manufacturers. This project is also designed to illustrate Soucy’s commitment to building strong ties with clients and its ability to be a formidable off-road partner.

“I’m proud of our legacy and growth. As it begins this new chapter, the company remains guided by the vision of my father, Gilles Soucy. This new brand identity reaffirms our dedication to our partners, clients, employees and to offering consumers high-performance products. Together, we are building the future of Soucy – doing so with confidence and determination – and writing our history, one page at a time,” said Chantal Soucy, Joint President of Soucy Enterprises.

The company’s new motto is a symbol of its commitment to fostering a sense of partnership and collaboration between partners, clients, and employees. It is also a nod to the company’s ability to take off-road vehicles even farther with a range of products. To provide consumers with the very best, Soucy does things differently and goes beyond the beaten path of the industry.

Soucy is a group that comprises several expert units located in Canada, the U.S., Brazil, and Asia. The immense size of the company means it can be a challenge to raise awareness about Soucy’s various units, both internally and externally.

This new website was therefore designed to increase the visibility of Soucy’s areas of expertise and its numerous business units. The company’s new brand identity also supports this objective. It was redesigned with new colours and 13 new logos that illustrate Soucy’s new position. Moreover, the new brand identity optimizes the nomenclature surrounding the company’s independent, complementary business units.

“This brand image project was a way for us to effectively present our company and its unique structure: a manufacturing group made up of small and medium-sized independent companies that can work in tandem. We also used colours and graphic elements that reflect who we are as a company and no one else,” said Jasmin Villeneuve, COO of Soucy.

“We truly believe that we can only achieve the best results when we combine all our strengths.  Our brand identity and website projects are the perfect examples of what we can do when we work together. We want to thank our invaluable partners: K72 Agency for our new brand image and web agency QuatreCentQuatre for our new website,” said Joanie Mailhot, Department Head, Communications and HR Marketing at Soucy.

Soucy is an integrated manufacturing and distribution group that designs and manufactures track systems and high-performance parts and accessories for the world’s leading manufacturers of off-road products, while also distributing directly to consumers. Thanks to its people, their ideas and entrepreneurial mindset, Soucy is able to deliver superior quality turnkey products that enable off-road vehicles to always go farther. Soucy was founded in 1967 and now employs nearly 1,800 people in Canada, the U.S., Brazil, and Asia.