At Soucy Techno, The First Year Of Service Is Worth Celebrating!

Soucy techno premiere annee service

In 2020, Soucy Techno enhanced its employee service recognition program by launching a new initiative.

In place for many years, the company's recognition program already recognizes the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years of service of its employees, and even more for some of them. However, the celebration of the first professional anniversary was missing... but that's now in the past!

The company decided to recognize the first year of service. Why? Because one year of continuous service in the same company no longer means what it used to. To stay up to date with the latest human resources practices, Soucy Techno has revised its recognition program to include that first year of service.

Previous generations were more concerned and characterized by loyalty to their employers and the stability of their jobs. Today, while these characteristics are still important, the employability and mobility of workers have been a new challenge in the job market.

What explains this mobility? There are many reasons, including the arrival of millennials on the job market. These young workers are generally more inclined to change things up. For example, they don't hesitate to change jobs to see what's out there. They are often approached by employers willing to offer them other experiences. They are therefore more likely to be mobile and, as a result, to not stay in the same company for many years.

Organizations that succeed in employee retention spend time and investment to retain their resources internally. Various strategies are implemented, and they go well beyond simple compensation, such as offering work-life balance measures, a pleasant and stimulating work environment and, last but not least, a recognition program.

Through this vision of recognition and strengthening the relationship between the company and its employees who are celebrating their first year of service, Soucy Techno offers a personalized recognition program.

The manager of an employee celebrating his first professional anniversary is invited to take a moment with the employee and discuss his first year with us. This is a privileged moment where the manager and the employee can discuss anything and everything, while building a bond that goes beyond the simple professional relationship. Without a doubt, the human side is very important and makes all the difference in the appreciation of this recognition.

The manager also takes this occasion to give the employee a personalized anniversary card and a gift with the Soucy logo. Our gift is practical, uniform and pleases everyone: a pair of socks in Soucy's image that reminds the employee that "through the ups and downs, we are there for you".

In effect for a few months now, this new form of recognition has already made a lot of people happy, and we intend to continue our efforts to show even more recognition to our employees!