Soucy Rivalair Continues On Its Path In Automation

Rivalair automatisation

Soucy Rivalair continues to invest in robotic machining with the acquisition of a multi-axis machine: the SC-100 X2 from Nakamura-Tome. Recently launched, the machine is still not very present on the North American territory. This addition to Soucy Rivalair's equipment park follows the implementation of a Palletech automation system and the installation of a robotized cell to feed a production equipment.

The SC-100 X2 is a multi-tasking lathe that offers several advantages: it speeds up the production rate, reduces handling and human error, and can perform highly complex jobs. The machine is designed for simultaneous machining of both upper and lower turrets. This advantageous design cuts machining time in half for certain operations, reducing costs per part and producing consistent and better-quality machining.

Another advantage of this machine is that it requires very little human intervention. The feeding of the raw material is automated thanks to a bar feeder that loads the bars inside the machine. And, at the exit, the pieces are deposited gently on a conveyor, which avoids shocks and breakage, in addition to reducing downtime.

This new high-performance production tool is exceptionally fast. Whether it is the programming, the adjustments, or the machining: everything is centered on speed, which makes it possible to increase productivity by up to 30% compared to similar machines of previous generations. Its acquisition allows Soucy Rivalair to assure its customers a competitive price on the market.

The SC-100 X2 is a simpler machine to understand and use than those that precede it. With its touch screen interface and software technology built into the controller, programming is as easy as with single turret machines, a big advantage for the people who operate them! In addition, at Soucy Rivalair, an additional interface has been programmed to indicate in real time when the machine is stopped. The operators therefore know exactly when an intervention will be required, just like the visual factories.

The acquisition of the SC-100 X2 is a guarantee of productivity and quality for Soucy Rivalair's customers. The machine's 4.0 connectivity also allows for real-time productivity measurement, a must for today's manufacturing production.