Inspiring Careers: The Paths Of 3 Women In Engineering At Soucy

Carrieres inspirantes les parcours de 3 femmes en genie chez Soucy

In honour of International Women’s Day and National Engineering Month, we want to share the inspiring story of three exceptional women who work at Soucy. Amanda Parada, Martine Lavoie, and Julie Tremblay tell us about their experience in engineering, a field that remains heavily male dominated. Their stories are a testament to their perseverance and to Soucy’s dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Amanda was born in Colombia and began her industrial engineering studies in Medellín. After receiving the “Emerging Leaders in the Americas” grant, she moved to Trois-Rivière for six months. She returned to Colombia where she received her bachelor’s degree and joined a large firm. After gaining some experience, Amanda decided to permanently move to Quebec where she believed she could enjoy a better life. “In Quebec, I always felt safe and listened to as a woman,” she said.

As a candidate to the engineering profession, she is in the process of having her degree in engineering recognized by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and will officially become an engineer in Quebec in the summer of 2024.

Amanda encourages women to join fields traditionally dominated by men and says it’s important for them to trust themselves. “Try! Even if you don’t know how, start with a single step. The rest of the journey will be easier than you think. If you recognize your own value, others will too. It all starts with you!”

While studying mechanical engineering at Polytechnique Montréal, Martine discovered a passion for dynamics during a course taught by an inspiring educator. After completing her master’s degree and an internship at Soucy Baron, she joined the company as a project engineer before becoming a manager. Martine has been the director of engineering since 2019.

Even if Martine has often been the only woman on her teams, she knows that Soucy is always open to hiring women in every sector. Martine therefore encourages other women in engineering – and other fields! – to conquer their fears. She believes that as the years go by, the easier it gets for women to integrate professional spaces.

Julie Tremblay has an academic background in mechanical engineering and has been with Soucy for 20 years. Her rise through the ranks has been impressive: she started as a thermoforming project manager, was promoted to the head of the engineering department, and is now the general manager of Soucy Track Systems.

Even though she’s always found it easy to fit in in male-dominated spaces, Julie acknowledges there were a few challenges that made her doubt herself. “Speaking as a woman, I think we’re very hard on ourselves. It can be tricky to develop self-confidence.” She encourages both women and men to develop this sense of self-confidence. A mentor helped her do so.

Julie says she never felt she was treated differently in male-dominated teams, and admitted she often earned the trust of her peers before she began to trust her own skills. She believes it’s important for women to progress in their careers so they can become inspiring role models for future generations.

The ambition, confidence, and leadership skills of these three women, combined with Soucy’s inclusive, family-like culture, has resulted in a work environment that is fertile grounds for the professional growth and development of women, even in the very male-dominated manufacturing sector. Want to fulfill your ambitions at Soucy? Check out our positions available for a career that will help you blaze trails.