Going Back To Work For A Former Employer – 3 Soucy Employees Share Their Story


At Soucy, we always welcome former employees who want to come back to the company. That’s because we want our employees to keep growing professionally, even if it means they have to spend a bit of time with another employer! Our “boomerang employees” come back to us with more experience and a heightened sense of motivation – invaluable assets!

We spoke with Marc-Antoine Leblanc, digital simulation designer; Catherine Patry, buyer; and Serge Raymond, production supervisor, to find out more about what made them return to Soucy.

Marc Antoine Leblanc concepteur en simulation numerique

Marc-Antoine’s desire to take on new challenges and expand his professional horizons drove him to work for another employer. What he didn’t know at the time was that his aspirations were already being fulfilled at Soucy. Only after leaving his job did he realize how difficult it was to find a position that was as stimulating as the one he had in Drummondville.

One of the reasons Marc-André returned was his “extremely skilled and united” team. He also mentioned the openness of his colleagues and the myriad stimulating exchanges. Remote work was also a reason for his return: “The new remote work policy was very timely.”

In his day-to-day duties, Marc-Antoine carries out product tests once hypotheses are formulated. He also draws 3D vehicles and puts these to the test. His job requires a lot of focus. That’s why the possibility of setting up a workspace in his own home played a part in his decision to return to Soucy.

Catherine Patry approvisionneuse

Catherine started her career in 2016 as a logistics supply analyst at Soucy International. Even though she loved her job at Soucy, she accepted a position elsewhere in 2021. She seized the opportunity that came her way because it allowed her to work in another sector and discover very different job prospects.

She decided to return to Soucy because she felt some things had changed since she had left. Shortly after she came back, Soucy International split into 3 subsidiaries: Soucy Track Systems, Soucy Powersports, and Soucy Track. This improved the overall cohesiveness of the teams and made it easier for employees to share different options. The company also organizes social activities that help strengthen the sense of belonging. “An ice cream break or a BBQ get-together are simple ways to keep morale high.”

Catherine has been a buyer for Soucy Powersports since last July and now works with an extended network of clients.

Serge Raymond superviseur de production

Serge was a production planner for 3 years at Soucy Belgen where he began his career. With his experience, he wanted to become a supervisor. “Even with all the interesting projects that came my way at Soucy, I still wanted to supervise staff.” He tried to become a supervisor in another subsidiary with the recommendation of his manager. Unfortunately, that did not pan out. He therefore decided to join another company.

Serge’s decision to return to Soucy was an obvious one. “Even if the company has several subsidiaries, the values remain the same. It really is a family, human-centric atmosphere. That’s why I wanted to come back to Soucy.” Initially, Serge applied for the position of operator at Soucy Plastiques but before his first day, a position of production supervisor opened up. He was offered the job. “I knew that things moved fast at Soucy but never imagined it would be that quick! I was thrilled!” said Serge.

At Soucy, your career path isn’t set in stone. If professional development is important for you or if you’d like to come back to work for Soucy, check our job openings.