Our Closing Wheel: Another Innovation For The Agricultural Sector

Roue de semoir soucy innovation

The engineering team at Soucy Plastiques is specialized in designing wheels for farming equipment. Their in-depth know-how allows us to offer our clients exceptional products. Our closing wheel is durable, efficient, and offers a solution that is adapted to the specific needs of our clients and the challenges they face. It is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and passion for the agricultural field.

Our closing wheel is made to withstand anything that stands in its way. In fact, it requires no special maintenance. Made with high-quality UHMW-PE, it is exceptionally durable – meaning no tire delamination and less mud packing. Unlike other wheels available on the market, our closing wheel is guaranteed to last.

Roue semoir soucy innovation

This highly efficient product is the result of the tireless work of our engineering teams. Thanks to their know-how and dedication, they’ve once again pushed the boundaries of innovation and have delivered a cutting-edge product that meets our clients’ needs. Our team’s ingenuity drives our creativity!

Our new closing wheel also stands out thanks to its incredible versatility and cost-effectiveness. It is fully customizable, can be adapted to any type of planter, and delivers unparalleled performance. Its one-piece design means it requires little maintenance and is guaranteed to last a very long time, making it a wise investment for farmers.

Thanks to the ingenuity of our teams and our commitment to excel, we’re proud to contribute to the success of the agricultural sector. If you want to play a part in our innovative solutions, join one of our engineering teams.