3 employees share why they came back to Soucy

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At Soucy, we warmly welcome anyone who wants to return to Soucy after having worked elsewhere. We always encourage our employees to explore the professional opportunities that come their way, even if that sometimes means going to work for another employer for a little while! “Boomerang" employees return with more experience and a renewed sense of purpose!

We spoke to Chantal Hébert, executive assistant at Soucy Rubber; Dave Lemire, head of the production department; and Angéline Heckel-Elies, contracts and government relations manager, defence to learn more about what motivated them to come back to Soucy.

In 2014, Chantal Hébert decided to take on new professional challenges after being with the same company for 15 years. She joined Soucy Caoutchouc as an executive assistant. After a little over two years, changes were made to the senior management team and Chantal was offered a new opportunity. One that led her to ponder her choices. “I loved my job, my position, and the relationship of trust I’d built with the team. But I also wondered if this was some sort of sign that I too needed a change.” In the end, Chantal decided to leave Soucy. 

In 2022, the HR team asked Chantal if she’d consider coming back because she’d had such a positive impact at Soucy Caoutchouc. Chantal agreed to an interview and when she sat down with the members of the senior management team, she felt an immediate connection. Thanks to the experience she accrued over the years, she believed she was the right person to support them. Now back at Soucy, Chantal asserts that coming back was the right decision for her.

As an executive assistant, Chantal works closely with the managers and senior executives at Soucy Caoutchouc. We’re thrilled to have her on our team!

Dave Lemire began his career at Soucy in 2010 as a welder-assembler. At that time, he lived in Trois-Rivières, and his daily commute took him two hours. “The commute was hard. In 2014, I was an offered a position eight minutes from my home and a pay increase. I decided to go for it.”

During his three years with this employer, Dave says he never felt like he had the freedom he wanted. He also missed the team spirit at Soucy. “I was being judged for my working methods. I’d always felt like my managers at Soucy trusted me.”

Dave contacted the HR team at Soucy to, in his own words, “come back home.” That’s when he learned there was a position open. “I accepted the job without knowing in which department I’d be working.” He returned as a supervisor in the paint department. 

“The reality of working in the paint department was much different than the image I had in my head because I didn’t know anything about it. I quickly realized everyone got along very well and I felt comfortable immediately. Our only limit was the sky! We’ve accomplished great things together! My time there allowed me to grow a lot as a manager.” He has since become the head of the production service. We’re delighted he’s found a career that will allow his talent to shine!

Angéline moved to Drummondville, Quebec from France in August 2017. One of her professional goals was to work for Soucy Defence and she began working for the company in October that same year as a coordinator in administration and marketing. Shortly after she joined Soucy Defence, Angéline was also tasked with overseeing internal sales.

In 2021, Angéline wanted to explore new professional horizons and decided to join the marketing agency that she regularly worked with. She quickly changed her mind. “I realized that it wasn’t meeting my expectations. The experience was great and very enriching, but I really missed Soucy Defence.” Angéline believes that you only realize what you love by taking a step back. “Fate is funny thing! I had just submitted my resignation when Soucy called me.”

Back at Soucy Defence, she is now in charge of contracts and government relations. She has nothing but high praise for her job. “It’s a company filled with people who are passionate about their work. I’m very lucky.”

Angéline’s team is made up almost entirely of veterans who understand the realities of the military sector. She also knows that other Soucy divisions are filled with employees who are passionate about their job: in the agricultural sector, some employees are farmers or own land used for farming. She thinks that’s why Soucy understands its clients so well.

At Soucy, we believe every person has a unique potential. That’s why we offer career opportunities to those who want to go off the beaten path. Does this sound like you? Discover our positions available.