10 (Excellent!) Reasons To Work At Soucy

10 excellentes raisons de travailler chez Soucy

In today's job market, employers are competing with each other to offer one-of-a-kind perks and fun workplaces for their employees. Gyms, video games, ping pong tables and smoothie bars in office spaces are all the rage. But is your chair-bike-exerciser enough to keep you with your employer if you don't have the following 10 perks?

At Soucy, we are committed to the development of our employees. Whether thanks to a personal development plan, training, multidisciplinary projects or mentoring, your career will take a turn for the better. As proof of this, many of our employees have gone on to grow and expand their role within the company. In fact, we sometimes share their inspiring stories on social media.

Working at Soucy also means enjoying job mobility and varied opportunities within the company. After all, Soucy is 12 small and medium-sized companies rolled into one! You can therefore take on new challenges in another department or subsidiary and change your work environment without changing employers. At Soucy, a lifelong career isn’t about doing the same job for the rest of your life, ’it’s about finding fulfillment at work for the rest of your professional life!

Our employees are responsible, self-reliant people, and we trust them. We encourage initiative and new ideas. After all, innovation and creativity come from trying new things. And Soucy offers the perfect environment for that. Our flexible structure gives everyone, at their own level, the ability to impact projects or processes.

At Soucy, our employees can take advantage of flexible hours, compressed hours (or summer hours), telecommuting and the possibility of modifying their work schedule for a personal project such as travel or going back to school. Some subsidiaries also offer the possibility of accumulating additional leave with a salary deduction. These measures are popular with employees and are a testament to our organization's openness and flexibility.

You can feel the sense of collaboration and family atmosphere as soon as you set foot on our premises. Customers, partners and other visitors regularly attest to this: there's a unique and palpable sense of belonging at Soucy. And since a positive team dynamic plays such a key role in happiness at work, our HR team makes this their mission!

If you love learning, you'll find what you're looking for at Soucy! Need help improving your work? Our continuous improvement people will share best practices with you. Need to stimulate ideas within your team? An innovation consultant can share the "Design Thinking" approach with you. We also have excellent in-house resources available to all employees.

At Soucy, managers are close to their team. They know how to make themselves available or find the right resources to help you accomplish your mandates. Managers often act as coaches and mentors, providing support and advice to their team members on a daily basis. They themselves receive training in management and people mobilization.

Innovation is part of Soucy's DNA. That’s why we provide employees with an environment conducive to challenges and risk-taking. For instance:

  • At Soucy Rivalair, we created a committee dedicated to gathering innovative ideas from production employees, testing these ideas and then implementing them.
  • Industrial designers have "carte blanche" projects that allow them to experiment outside customer projects.
  • Carrières"Les Dragons Soucy" allowed about 30 participants to learn creativity techniques and explore extraordinary projects for the future of Soucy.

Soucy also offers a group insurance plan tailored to your needs. It includes dental care, travel insurance, prescription drug coverage, paramedical expenses and more. You can also consult with various specialists through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Even if you don't choose your employer based on this perk, these benefits make a huge difference!

With over 1,700 employees at Soucy, it's easy to meet colleagues who share the same passions as you. We organize many events throughout the year to get together, celebrate or challenge each other: happy hours, BBQs, family outings, holiday parties, recognition activities, team building, softball tournaments, field hockey teams, cycling challenges... There's no shortage of opportunities to have fun.

Moreover, Soucy is involved in two causes that support education and health. We therefore take part in sporting events and scientific challenges, sponsor student projects and award scholarships. By working at Soucy, you'll have the opportunity to leave your mark on the community and encourage the next generation.

In sum, does having a ping pong table at work ensure your professional happiness? Maybe. But if you’re curious about life at Soucy, check out our list of positions available.