Advantages of Rubber Solutions for Agriculture

Soucy Baron is a rubber parts manufacturer offering customized elastomer solutions for OEMs of agricultural equipment.

Withstand harsh conditions

The flexibility, durability and customization capabilities of rubber are ideal for improving performance in harsh agricultural environments. Rubber components with specific properties can provide excellent resilience in freezing temperatures, heat, and precipitation. Custom-engineered components can minimize fatigue for an increased lifecycle.

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Reduce noise and vibration

We design and formulate custom rubber components that dissipate vibration and energy.  For example, isolating the cabin and other systems from noise, vibration and harshness improves operator comfort and dampens impact on uneven, rugged terrain.

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Protect critical parts

By using rubber as a seal, barrier or cap, critical systems can be protected to minimize crop debris accumulation in rotating parts, resist abrasion, and withstand corrosive sprays.

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Typical rubber components designed for agriculture

Rubber components often found in agricultural machinery include the following:

  • Seals 
  • Gaskets
  • Bumper stops
  • Air intake and exhaust hoses
  • Suspension hangers
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Have an agricultural equipment challenge?

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