Test validation

Testing and Validation

The Soucy group leaves no quality issues to chance, and uses all the means at the forefront of technology to validate the functionality and reliability of its products.

Each subsidiary has its own laboratories and test benches adapted to its specialty. The testing and validation process is usually conducted in three phases:

Virtual Simulation

Using Abaqus software, we are able to test and validate our designs even before the first prototype has been produced.

The leading-edge experience gained, particularly pertaining to tracks, has allowed us to develop extremely complex and efficient simulation models, which save time and money for our clients.

Test Benches

Allowing to test a part and sometimes even a complete track system without interruption, our test benches reflect the creativity and ingenuity of our experts. Indeed, many of these benches have been custom developed in order to meet the specific needs of our clients and to accurately ensure the quality of specialty parts.

Physical Tests

The Soucy Group owns a large piece of land for physical tests that recreates the various conditions our products may face. Whether it is a rugged path that only a defence vehicle can access, a speed track spreading over a mile, or farmlands with varied terrains, we are able to reproduce the conditions in which your product will be used.