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The industrial field imposes requirements that are closely related to productivity of enterprises. Reliability and durability of parts are essential. In this market, the Soucy group stands out for its avant-gardism and understanding of the rigours imposed on equipment.

Thanks to its technology, the Soucy group is the exclusive supplier to two of the three largest manufacturers of tracks for skid-steer loaders.

In partnership with Terex, Soucy installed the first rubber track system on a skid-steer loader in the early 80s. Today, many of these loaders are equipped with rubber tracks, which are an advantage since track systems adapt to different soil types while ensuring a smoother ride to maximize the comfort of operators, helping them to be more productive.

In the same spirit, the Soucy group is dedicated to making a success of all parts and accessories projects.

Example of products:

Utility loaderUtility loader WheelWheel Skid steer loaderSkid steer loader


The following case studies demonstrate the different products resulting from the integrated approach of Soucy subsidiaries and the strength of the group:


DesignIndustrial DesignThe Soucy group has created a track system specially adapted to vineyards for a renowned Italian manufacturer.See case study
Travel limiterTravel LimiterSoucy Baron designed a displacement limiter for a precise braking curve.See case study
Skid steerTrack for Skid SteerSoucy group has developed a rubber track system to replace wheels of a compact charger for industrial application.See case study