A Strategy Based on Expertise and Precision

Visit the websiteThe Defense sector demands rigour and standardization as well as ironclad reliability on the terrain. Substantial experience in this area makes the Soucy group the ideal supplier. As the only manufacturer of Rubber Band Track for Defense purpose, Soucy has created Rubber Band Track Systems that meet the highest requirements and are approved by the military forces around the world, which have frequently put them to the test.



The Soucy group Rubber Band Tracks for Defense offer the following benefits:

  • Durability
  • Up to 70% reduction in vibration, extending the service life of ammunition (limited compaction) and electronic equipment pieces
  • Comfort of passenger and driver 
  • Noise reduction up to 13,5 dBA, increasing the efficiency of communications and stealth of movements
  • 30% decrease in fuel consumption
  • Reduction of the track weight (up to 50% lighter than a steel tracks) allowing users to add protection equipment on vehicles and to reduce braking distance by 30%
  • Easier movement on paved roads
  • Increase of acceleration and top speed
  • No maintenance

The Soucy group has the expertise and resources to design and produce components in UHMW-PE, rubber and metal. Whether for design, moulding of rubber parts, machining, casting or moulding of UHMW plastic, the Soucy group is a complete solution provider specializing in technically advanced material engineering and product manufacturing for defense vehicules.

Various tracks for vehicles up to 35 metric tons:

Cv 90Cv 90 M113M113 Armored personnal carrierArmored personnal carrier imageascod ascodascod

Components of a Rubber Band Track System:

SprocketSprocket WheelWheel


The following case studies demonstrate the different products resulting from the integrated approach of Soucy subsidiaries and the strength of the group:


BarbotinSprocketsThe development of a sprocket in UHMW plastic and another in ADI cast illustrates the multitude proposed by the Soucy group opportunities.See case study
Defense trackRubber Band Track for Defense VehicleSoucy International has demonstrated ingenuity in creating tracks adapted to vehicles over 35 metric tons.See case study
DesignIndustrial DesignThe Soucy group has created a track system specially adapted to vineyards for a renowned Italian manufacturer.See case study
Travel limiterTravel LimiterSoucy Baron designed a displacement limiter for a precise braking curve.See case study