Innovation to Overcome Challenges

Visit the websiteSince 2005, the Soucy group, namely Soucy Track, has positioned itself as a dynamic forerunner in the agricultural market by offering its own solution for track systems. Whether for tractors, combine harvesters or other towed equipment, our remarkably resistant products redefine performance standards.

Increasing vehicle flotation and traction – and making reachable the tough terrain that rubber-tired vehicles cannot access – Soucy Track systems can be adapted to many existing vehicles and meet high requirements in terms of performance and durability.


Moreover, Soucy group has the expertise and resources to design and produce custom-made components and track systems for your vehicle. Whether for design, moulding of tracks, machining, casting or moulding of UHMW plastic, the Soucy group is the perfect one-stop shop solution for manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

Track Systems

Vineyard tractorVineyard tractor Combine harvesterCombine harvester Grain cartGrain cart TractorTractor Side by sideSide by side

Parts for Track Systems

SprocketSprocket FrameFrame Rubber trackRubber track Idler and support wheelIdler and support wheel Adaptation systemAdaptation system


The following case studies demonstrate the different products resulting from the integrated approach of Soucy subsidiaries and the strength of the Group:

DesignIndustrial DesignThe Soucy group has created a track system specially adapted to vineyards for a renowned Italian manufacturer.See case study
Travel limiterTravel LimiterSoucy Baron designed a displacement limiter for a precise braking curve.See case study
ChenilleS-TECH 612The Soucy group has designed and produced a track system which adjustable tracks spacing to adapt to specific crop rows of vegetable culture.See case study