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Soucy announces partnership with John Deere to launch its planter tracks

August 28, 2015
Category : Products and innovations
Soucy announces partnership with John Deere to launch its planter tracks

Today the Soucy Group announced the beginning of a partnership with agriculture giant John Deere for the manufacture, sale and distribution of a new agricultural track system for planters: the S-TECH 012P.

The result of several months of work, this major partnership with John Deere will facilitate distribution and sales of Soucy track system technology worldwide. "We are very proud to officially announce this collaboration with John Deere through a business partnership whose first product is our track system for planters," said André Todd, General Manager of Soucy International.

"Through our partnership with Soucy, John Deere can now offer its customers more options for optimizing their sowing performance. In wet soil conditions, Soucy planter tracks greatly increase performance in the field, specifically by minimizing soil compaction," said Casey Dray, Planter Product Manager for John Deere.

The commercial success enjoyed by Soucy over the past 10 years, combined with its observations in the field, are clear indications that the track system market is booming. It became essential for Soucy, as a world leader in the industry, to offer farmers an efficient system for their sowing seasons.

As with all other Soucy products, every stage of the S-TECH 012P's development and manufacture takes place within the Soucy Group. Therefore, from design and development to manufacture and assembly, the Drummondville-based company controls all the necessary technologies and processes for designing such a system.

S-TECH 012P planter tracks will be introduced to the public at the Farm Progress Show in Illinois from September 1 to 3, 2015.

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