Soucy Belgen Inaugurates New Facility

Drummondville (Canada), August 22, 2014 – Soucy Belgen inc. inaugurates today its new facilities located at 4475 St-Joseph Blvd. in Drummondville. Specialized in the fabrication of large-format cast iron components, the Drummondville-based company acquired by the Soucy group in 2010 is counting on this expansion to take its place as a vital player in the North American foundry industry.

In order to conquer this industry position, 130,000 ft² of production area and 15,000 ft² of office space have been added to the existing 45,000 ft² facility. “This expansion project allowed us to increase our production capacity five-fold while insuring more precise control of our specifications. It is the largest automated resin sand casting line in Canada,” explained Jasmin Villeneuve, Soucy Belgen’s General Manager. The strategic location of the facility insures flexible delivery compatible with modern project management methods.

The acquisition of Soucy Belgen by the Soucy group in 2010 allowed the company of over 1,400 employees to add a foundry among its spectrum of manufacturing expertise. “This $35M investment represents a modernization of our infrastructures and is a strategic element in our growth that will reinforce our vertical integration among our various businesses. In addition to greater production capacity, we will also reduce time delays in the development of new products and thus increase our ability to go above and beyond customers’ expectations,” added Eric Côté, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Soucy group.

The largest Automated Resin Sand Casting Line in Canada

In addition to quadrupling its fusion capacity thanks to the addition of two high capacity furnaces, this new production line allows Soucy Belgen to manufacture large dimension molds at a much faster speed than ever before.

It must be noted that special consideration was given to environment aspects during each stage of the project. Additionally, more than $2M were invested in ventilation and dust removal equipment to insure optimal air quality for employees and also allow the foundry to meet the highest industry standards in this regard. Another $1M was invested to modernize the metallurgy laboratory, specifically by purchasing cutting edge software that will simulate and predict solidification processes.

This announcement occurs concurrently with the 75th birthday celebrations of the Soucy group founder, Mr. Gilles Soucy. For the occasion, clients from around the world are welcomed to the new facilities to highlight their partnership.

In all, nearly 100 people are employed by Soucy Belgen inc. The facility expansion work began in October 2011.


Source: Soucy Belgen

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In operation since 1967, Soucy Belgen manufactures grey cast iron, ductile iron and Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) products. Other types of specialty products, such as heat and abrasion-resistant cast iron have been produced since 1968. The company relies on quality and innovation in molding, foundering, fusion, infiltration and modeling. Acquired by the Soucy group, Soucy Belgen now offers synergy of expertise and resources among the units of this important industrial group. Strategically located in Drummondville (Canada), Soucy Belgen benefits from vast, new facilities equipped with the latest technology.