Innovation in Operations

In a context of growth and through an environment focused on continuous improvement, Soucy places lean principles at the heart of its manufacturing operations to eliminate waste, optimize production and reduce time from the initial order to delivery, while maximizing added value. These improvements go through lean management of the inventory and supply chain, and through the creation of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) by creating an autonomous team dedicated to a particular niche.

The Soucy group aims to improve itself on an ongoing basis through the deployment of internationally recognized management processes and philosophies, including "Gemba", which is a concrete and often visual organization of best practices applied to workstations. The following measures have been implemented to support continuous improvement:

  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Increase of the added value of products
  • Implementation of visual tools for production management
  • Training of the technical team on best business practices
  • Reduction of production time and costs
  • Compliance with client specifications
  • Optimization of methods and workstations
  • Teams dedicated to finding ways to improve practices
  • High-level quality assurance