Design industriel

Industrial Design

In a market that is getting more and more competitive, the Soucy group manages to multiply the value of the products it offers without increasing manufacturing costs. The industrial design team greatly contributes to this goal.

In the first place, the Soucy industrial design team carefully listens to clients and works with them to identify and meet the needs of the end users, while taking into account the DNA of their products. In order to quickly generate concepts and ideas, these professionals take full advantage of hand drawing technique, and produce photorealistic renderings, then models, which inspire reflection and dialogue with the client.

Composed of people passionate about innovation, this team can adapt to the processes of product development, production and assembly, as well as the unique methods of each client. When designing, these creative specialists, in collaboration with various experts, define among other things the individual characteristics, such as aesthetics and durability, but also the interaction between the various parts in terms of structure and function. This way, they create a more efficient product with features specific to its use, well thought-out ergonomics, and a longer service life, while reducing production costs – thus offering an even more competitive product on the market.

Design Office

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  • Gathers all relevant information
  • Analyzes client's needs
  • Conducts the market research
  • Verifies the existence of similar products
  • Defines the characteristics of the product 

Industrial designer

  • Defines the main aesthetic, formal and ergonomic orientations
  • Develops the product style
  • Generates 3D rendering

Model maker / prototypist

  • Designs the models


Their desire to create innovative and efficient products leads the Soucy group industrial design team to help you achieve your goals.