Sprockets in Plastic-Cast Iron and Sprockets in Cast Iron

Subsidiaries involved
Soucy Belgen

Soucy International, Rubber Tracks Division

Soucy Plastiques
Manufacturers for Military Vehicules

The Soucy group, through its numerous subsidiaries working together, can produce the right solution for your exact specifications and offer complete turnkey solutions. The development of the UHMW plastic sprocket and another in ADI are good examples of the numerous possibilities and opportunities offered by the Soucy group.

The Need

The defence field requires sprockets for its tracks. However, each client – whether defence, vehicle manufacturers or companies specializing in the modernization of vehicles – has precise specifications for their various applications. A single product cannot meet all needs.

The Challenge

The Soucy group strives to provide the part, in this case a sprocket, which meets the needs of different clients.

The Solution and its Advantages

The edge provided by the Soucy group is your ability to submit requirements and receive different proposals for an optimal solution custom created for your application. Soucy group engineers and designers will build the part that specifically meets your needs thanks to the close collaboration between Soucy subsidiaries and their complementary expertise.