Ski monoplace

Single-Piece Ski

Subsidiary involved
Engineering and Industrial Design
OEM of Recreative Vehicules

The designers and engineers of the Soucy group have created a light single-piece ski that reduces the number of assembly steps and parts used.

The Need

Soucy Plastiques manufactures snowmobile skis for its clients. These skis, formerly made with traditional methods and materials, included several parts requiring bolts to be assembled that entailed additional labour costs for the manufacturer.

The Challenge

The engineering department of Soucy Plastiques was asked to find a solution by creating an integrated UHMW-PE part. The engineering team worked with the client to design a part having not only interesting functional properties, but one that also takes into account the constraints of industrial production.

The Solution and its Advantages

Soucy Plastiques has created a single-piece ski that allows its clients to distinguish themselves in the marketplace, in addition to saving on production costs.

  • Lightness
  • Less parts to keep in stock and to assemble
  • Reduction of the labour required for the assembly, resulting in a productivity increase
  • Lower costs