S-TECH 612 Track System

Subsidiaries involved
Soucy International, Track System, Parts & Accessories Division

Soucy Track
Engineering and Industrial Design

The Soucy group has designed and produced a track system for vegetable farming where spacing between tracks adapts to its purpose and the culture type.

The Need

The agricultural market has a great need for systems with narrow tracks that allows moving between crop rows, because the more compact the tracks are, the less they damage the crops. Furthermore, the width between the rows varies depending on the type of vegetables grown (e.g. carrots, onions or lettuce).

The Challenge

The extremely heavy machinery and the narrowness of the track system exert a great deal of pressure on the ground; therefore the tracks reach their load capacity faster. Furthermore, the mechanisms for width control must withstand harsh weather and be easy to use. The challenge was to create a track system as narrow as possible that offers great performance in the field.

The Solution and its Advantages

A set of reversible parts combined with a multi-position bolting pattern make it possible to adjust the track system. The use of different materials makes the track more rigid longitudinally while remaining flexible regarding winding. In addition, these specially selected materials dissipate heat more easily, thus allowing the track to support heavier loads.

  • The width can be adjusted from 59 to 89 inches by 1-inch increments
  • Its special design can support heavy loads without increasing the width
  • No wearing parts required
  • Ease of maintenance and operation