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Speed + control = pur fun!

RS4: a feat of exceptional engineering and design resulting in the first ever trail-ready ATV track system. 


The main challenge of this project was to develop a track system with low rolling resistance to reach speeds close to those of tires without losing the control offered by a track system. The track systems currently on the market are designed to achieve high performance in terms of flotation and traction but do not allow trail enthusiasts to combine speed and control in the practice of their sport. Tires, on the other hand, simply do not offer the traction and control that can be required at times.


The engineering and design teams in the Track Systems, Parts and Accessories division at Soucy International, in collaboration with the people at Kimpex, have developed an entirely new track that performs better than tires and offsets their disadvantages in terms of their lack of control and traction and their dependency on weather conditions. 

The solution and its advantages

The RS4 is the first and only track system to combine speed, control, traction, comfort and fun on the trails. Designed with an innovative tandem and a guide rail, the RS4 ensures optimal ground contact, requiring steering effort equal to that of tires and providing unparalleled comfort. The tandem mounted on a rubber buffer is punched so that pressure is placed on only one wheel. It therefore works as a suspension unit. As for the guide rail, it is unsupported and more flexible, provides better load distribution, reduces friction and absorbs impact. The innovative design of the new 20-inch oversized sprocket and the low rolling resistance offer speeds at 80% of those of tires. Another advantage of the RS4 lies in the design of its front and rear track systems. While the front tracks are optimized to reduce vibration and increase lateral traction for excellent manoeuvrability, the front and rear track profiles are designed to improve traction during acceleration and braking. The 6205 ball bearing in each wheel reduces the required effort and facilitates maintenance. The rubber track is now equipped with studs, which provide excellent traction regardless of trail conditions, while also offering a sense of security and control. Finally, the track's profile is optimized for excellent manoeuvrability, better braking and much better traction on snow than with tires.

  • Optimized track tension with guide rail

  • External drive

  • Eight-inch wide and 96-inch long tracks

  • Innovative tandem and impact-absorbing guide rail

  • Studded tracks

  • Easy to assemble and maintain